Ian Lusins -  LMT, CES, PES, ART

      Being an athlete my whole life I have undergone my fair share of injuries. Understanding the frustration injuries can have on day to day life I have a sincere desire to help anyone overcome their own physical ailments.  Once I graduated from LSU with a Bacholer's of Science in Kinesiology I began working in multiple rehab and fitness settings. Realizing how little was truly being done to help people "Function" better I decided to dedicate my studies on how to help people overcome chronic pain by improving their overall function.  Since then I have gained multiple certifications and worked with a variety of conditions ranging from Stroke victims, Parkinson's disease clients, and Traumatic Brain injuries to people with knee, back, elbow, ankle, shoulder, and neck pain. I have also been able to work with numerous athletes to not only bring them back from injuries, but improve their performance to levels they couldn't reach with traditional training techniques.
       EdEducation and Certifications:
  • B.S. Kinesiology (LSU)
  • License Massage Therapist (LA5029)
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • Full Body Certified Active Release Technique (ART) Provider (The only certified LMT in Baton Rouge)
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer
  • Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist
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