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    As an Orthopedic Soft-tissue specialist, Posturologist, and Exercise Therapist I have a unique combination of skills and education that I have integrated into a system of treatment that helps people to overcome chronic othropedic issues that they have dealt with for many years after having little to no help with from mainstream medicine/therapy. I succeed where many common therapies fail by identifying the underlying problem(s) and then treating the body as a functionally interconnected system, instead of treating only the symptoms or isolated area of pain.

    My ultimate goal with each client is to assist them in regaining freedom of pain, so they can feel in control of their own life again! Since "life is movement", regaining the ability to move without pain should always be the orthopedic goal in my opinion. This is why I have created a therapeutic system to assess and repair all of the dysfunctional components that are preventing each person from living with pain-free movement.

    I've helped hundreds of people overcome their orthopedic issues and would love to help you too!!